This page summarises the rules as regards entry and results: this is not a summary of the formal rules of the league.

Senior races (aged 17 and over: 10.30 am)

Senior races are all about 5 miles and start at 10.30 am.

You can either pay in advance for all races or enter on the day, there is no advance entry for individual events:

  • The charge for advance entry for six events is £10.00 (only available to members of participating clubs who are England Athletics registered).
  • To enter on the day there is a charge of £5.00 (plus additional charge of £2 for insurance if you are not registered with England Athletics).

Advance entry must be paid prior to the first race (a date is circularised to club representatives each year: which will be at least 1 week before the first event), please pay your cross country representative who will have a list to submit for advance payments.   You will be issued with a single number which you use at each event.  A form will be provided at the start of the event for you to tick to say you are running: this is so that the final results can be checked to the numbers of runners in the event. If you are planning to compete in the majority of the events it is recommended you pay in advance to avoid the need to queue to enter at the start of each event.

If you are entering on the day, it is recommended you arrive by 10.00 at latest to allow time to register.    If you drop out of the event can you please advise a marshal and if possible the marshals recording finishers.

Runners who are not members of participating clubs are welcome to our events.  Please note however that only members of participating clubs can count for individual prizes or be included in a team result.  There is no additional charge for runners who are members or UKA affiliated clubs which are not participating clubs (except advance entry is available to members of participating clubs only) but there is an additional charge of £2 to cover insurance if you are not a member of a UKA affiliated club.

Senior age categories for individual prizes.
From 2021/22 season we are adopting the same age categories for men and women so for both the categories are 5 year brackets from at V40 to V70

There are individual prizes for first three men and ladies in each category based on the best 4 results from the 6 races (or 4 out of 5 if only 5 races held).

Age categories are age as at date of first race.  For individual results men and ladies are scored separately, the first man scores 300 and the first lady 200 then count down but only including runners from participating clubs.

Senior event team results (minimum age 17 on 31 August prior to start of the season)
From 21/22 we have increased the team to 20 runners for a full team

from 21/22
from 21/22
Women previously 
Senior (from age 17) 4 2 4 2
V40 3 2 3 2
V50 3 2 2 1
V60 2 2 1 1
Total 12 8 10 6

A runner can be scored in a lower age group: 
1. example 1 if you had 3 senior men finish followed by 4 V40 men the 4th V40 man would count as a senior man (regardless of whether you had any senior men finishing later)  
2. example 2 if you had 3 senior men, followed by 2 V 40 then 4 V50 the 4th V50 would count as a senior man (regardless of whether any senior or V40 men finished later)

As with individuals awards age category is based on your age on the day of the first race.  

Up to 7 further runners (3 ladies and 4 men) count as scoring runners who can benefit your team by 'pushing back' other runners. You can have as many members running as you want, we like to see as many members as possible running these events what ever their standard.  

For team prizes the first runner scores 1 counting upwards but only including scoring runners (ie runners from participating clubs and up to 16 men and 11 ladies from each club).  If you have a runner missing from a category it is counted as last scoring runner plus 1. 

Junior races (Aged 8 to 16: 10.00 am)

All events include a junior races (Age 8 to 16) at 10.00 am which is about 1 to 1.25 miles for U11 and U13 and 2 to 2.5 mile for U15 and U17 (often 2 laps of the U11/U13 course), there is no charge for juniors if they are England Athletics affiliated: there is a charge of £2 for insurance if you are not a England Athletics affiliated.

There are trophies at the end of session for the first boy and girl by age category (U11, U13, U15, U17 based on age at 31 August) based on best 4 race positions.  The trophies are presented at the last race.

The minimum age of 8 is the age on the day of the race.  However age brackets are age at 1 September.  Where there are different distances for different age groups juniors should race the distance based on their age at 1 September.